Anhui Swan Lake 6 days drowned 4 people: water 12 years has been swallowed 67 people

About 5 o'clock to Swan Lake swimming
"Strong ah, where are you, come back!" August 16 morning, the provincial town of Swan Lake on the south bank of the beach, and a mother in the call her child. 5 o'clock that morning, her 17-year-old son and two students under the lake swimming, never come up. Reporters noted that Swan Lake has swallowed the last 6 days, since this year at least 10 people drowned in the lake, if traced back to the 2004 Swan Lake since the water, at least 67 life disappeared here. After each tragedy, the public on the Swan Lake questioned endlessly: how to criticize the bottom of the lake why not transformation, why not replace the cordon barbed wire ... ... 17-year-old high school students drowning August 16 at 8 am, Swan Lake on the south bank Beach side, drowning child parents crying tears. Not far from the water, two yachts, more than a dozen rescue workers, is searching for children to fall and fall. Children's family told reporters that 5:30 in the morning, lotus leaf police station to open up the child's father, Mr. Xu's phone. "A policeman asked his son to swim, and I felt bad." Mr. Xu was extremely depressed. It is understood that Mr. Xu early years from Fuyang to Hefei battles, only child was born in Hefei, now has grown into one meter eight big man. The child is currently studying high school in Hefei, summer vacation to see the end of the child also on the third year. The day before 8 pm, Xiaoqiang and two students go out to play, did not return to the night "I call him a few times at night, the phone has been shut down." Xiaoqiang mother cried, her heart worried about the next day at 4 o'clock, she gave his son called, the phone did not boot. Only a few minutes later, the police station to call the police station. Mr. Xu 's husband and wife went straight to the scene. They finally know that the son of the night before the students went to Internet cafes, around 5 am to Swan Lake swimming. Shortly, two students found Xiaoqiang no trace, hurriedly alarm. 10:30 that day, Xiao Qiang's body was salvaged ashore. Scene, Xiaoqiang mother grief stricken. Drowning juvenile does not swim to 9:20 am, has not yet found a trace of Xiaoqiang. Family had a fantasy, Xiaoqiang mother said: "is not no drowning, but secretly ran home." Father Xu pessimistically said: "child ID card, clothes are in the lake, how did he go back?" Do not believe do not believe, he still took out the key at home, so Xiaoqiang uncle went home to find out, the results disappointed and return. Reporters learned that Xiaoqiang is a "dry duck", almost no swimming. His mother painful to tell, a few days ago to see news reports that there is a 24-year-old young man drowned Swan Lake, she also specifically warned his son to stay away from Swan Lake. "He had not been to Swan Lake before," she told reporters. The scene of a city management team, they are 5 o'clock in this morning to see the three young people patrol, "the players also advised them not to water", did not want a few people or slip down the water. What about the improvement of the lake? Swan Lake in the end how Xiaojiang remains in the body of the salvage scene, the crowd on the swan lake of the skeptical sound endless. The child mother also reluctantly charged: "cordon simply useless, can not stop the visitors down to the deep water, why not replaced by barbed wire?" After the tragedy, the prairie lake has been criticized again mentioned. It is reported that as early as 2010 in the face of a series of drowning accidents, the relevant departments of the administrative district proposed to Swan Lake deep water area and shallow waters connected to the transformation of the gully to reduce the transition from shallow water to deep water risk factor. After many years, this opinion eventually "stranded", Swan Lake lake renovation project is also a huge sea. In this regard, yesterday, Hefei Municipal Government Cultural New District, the relevant departments to respond to the location of the Swan Lake is responsible for the city's flood discharge function, its size, depth, capacity are strictly designed, the transformation of Swan Lake Swan Lake flood control function Cause influence. Or with water robots "guard" In 2010, in addition to the idea of ​​the transformation of the lake, the Hefei government departments also proposed construction team on the water. Yesterday, the Anhui Commercial Daily reporter learned that the famous blue sky rescue team intends to participate in guarding Swan Lake. The rescue team Hefei team captain Su Qin told the Anhui Commercial Daily reporter, they want to set a point in the Swan Lake, in addition to daily training, but also to the swimming of the public life promotion propaganda. In addition, the relevant departments also plans to set up a large screen display in the lake, playing life-saving knowledge of the propaganda film, universal life-saving knowledge; or in deep water and shallow water buoy, consider setting LED lights and so on. It is understood that the current south shore of Swan Lake has set up two cordon, the second line of fixed buoy fixed bucket damaged, the relevant departments will be in the winter dry season to re-add. Swan Lake management also wants to introduce high-tech means. Reporters learned from the Hefei administrative area, before the high-tech zone enterprises have proposed in the Swan Lake water installation of water on the idea of ​​the robot, the robot can be through the infrared "guard" visitors security: "once found someone over the warning level, it immediately to the terminal equipment Issued an early warning. "This will also make up for the patrol officers due to poor night vision caused by regulatory clearance. It is reported that the enterprises are planning to do this specific program. Start Swan Lake Lake topography mapping where the structure of the Swan Lake lake itself has become one of the reasons for the multiple cases. In order to further control the tragedy of drowning, Hefei City in July to start the development of anti-drowning program, at the same time, for the analysis of the lake structure will also start, the reporter learned yesterday, for the Swan Lake drowning control program to provide terrain support, The city plans to map the surroundings of the Swan Lake and the bottom of the lake. The project will draw the decision. Water storage 12 years swallowed 67 people since the beginning of this year at least 10 people in the Swan Lake drowning since 2004 since the water has been publicly reported statistics

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