Beijing single-day electricity load breaking the history of the largest air-conditioning accounted for nearly five percent

Reporter learned today from the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company
Beijing News News (Reporter Xin Na) Beijing continued hot, electricity consumption increased. Reporters learned today from the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company, today, the Beijing area power grid maximum load has more than 19 million kwh, breaking the historical maximum. State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company official explained: "From July 7, Beijing has been 5 days of high temperature weather, affected by the temperature, air conditioning cooling load has increased significantly, which accounted for about 46% of air conditioning cooling load, which But also the main reason for the larger load growth. "According to the power company predicted that if there is more than a week high temperature and humidity weather, the Beijing area power grid maximum load is expected to reach 20.5 million kilowatts, an increase of about 10.42%. Among them, air conditioning cooling load accounted for about 46% -50%, Beijing local power plant accounted for about 3 percent of the largest power generation. How to protect the public electricity? The official said, will adjust the mode of operation, so that the main equipment load factor control in the basic control of 80%, the current Beijing power grid operation as a whole stable. Electric power companies to remind, at present, the public in addition to the purchase of electricity outlets, but also choose "handheld power" APP, 'e-treasure' APP, electricity recharge cards, 95598 intelligent interactive sites, WeChat, Alipay, automatic payment terminal Channel purchase power. If the public at home due to the lack of electricity to power outage, you can call the 24-hour power supply service hotline 95598 or "handheld power" APP application emergency delivery service.

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